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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy


Do you have one department that's managing events, another that's overseeing social media, another producing web content, and another producing emails and print materials . . . but they're not synching their efforts? Do you need a holistic content calendar, a social-media playbook, and clearer roles and responsibilities? Are you ready to tie your content efforts to business objectives, with metrics and reporting that tell you at a glance what's working and what's not?

Talk to Tere about her eight-hour and twelve-hour digital-strategy sessions, focusing on social media, web, and email:

  • In just eight hours, you'll develop a detailed analysis of your digital audiences; a strategy agreed to by all departments; fully developed processes for content creation (copywriting and design), posting and engagement, and measurement; and budgets for these processes. Through a full-day session or two half-days, your entire team will be on the same digital page.
  • In Tere's twelve-hour session, you get everything offered in the eight-hour session above, plus a four-hour overview of trends in every digital channel. This entertaining and informative half-day session never fails to get a team's creative juices flowing . . . and bring everyone up to date on the latest social, web, app, email, and text trends.


A channel is the medium in which you tell your story. Your website is a channel. So is your printed catalog. Email is a channel, as are direct mail, billboards, TV, radio, window displays, and TED talks. Social media is often considered a channel, but technically, it's a bunch of channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the rest. One additional note: some people refer to channels as platforms. When talking about social media, channels and platforms usually mean the same thing.


Not only are Tere's strategy sessions time-effective, they're also a bargain: expect a cost of $5,000 to $7,500 for her eight-hour strategy, which includes not only the interactive session, but also your strategy document and an outline of all the workflow and processes your team agreed to. 


Brand Management

Brand Management


Tere works with nonprofits, small businesses, and independent artists and entrepreneurs to manage social media; copywrite websites, apps, and emails; design graphics for social, web, and apps; and build websites. Whether you're in need of a marketing campaign around a product or event, looking to redo your website, or are ready ramp up to higher levels of brand engagement, Tere can help you manage your digital brand. 

Working side-by-side with the talented folks on your team (or just you, if you're a solopreneur), Tere develops your creative concept, crafts and designs your content, and helps you determine the right mix of digital channels for your brand. You'll have the content (that is, the words and photos or graphics) you need for social-media engagement, for your website or app, and for emails or text-messages about the campaign, and for speeches or events. And Tere can coordinate with your marketing or PR agency, if you're working with one.



A brand is simply who you are. Every organization—and every individual, too—has a look, tone, aura, and message that defines it. What do you think of, say, when you see an Apple product? Pricey? Long-lasting? Sleek? Cool? Aspirational? That's Apple's brand. Now, what do your customers or clients think of when they interact with your brand? What do you want them to think of? Does your website support your brand vision? What about your social media . . . is it in keeping with the rest of your brand? And how about your newsletter or events? Do they reflect your brand's look, tone, and professionalism?


A campaign is a big marketing push through a variety of channels that encourages customers and clients to buy your product, sign up for your service, or attend your event. Think of the various ways you've heard about Apple's latest product or Netflix's newest show. What you're hearing and seeing is the result of a campaign, but one that costs millions of dollars.

You don't have to spend that much. With the advent of digital marketing, your campaign can cost thousands—or even hundreds—of dollars. A simple idea, paired with a simple design publicized through the best channels to reach your audience, can be as effective as a multi-million-dollar campaign.

A little more terminology: a digital campaign is one that focuses mainly on digital channels (like web and social media), although most digital campaigns also include important physical (that is, in-person, broadcast, signage, or printed) components.


You may have read about Tere's skill with words, but design is a much newer skill, dating back only to 2013. For samples of her work, check out her portfolio, as well as the graphics throughout this website. (Please be patient if the portfolio takes a minute to load. Even though the graphics are optimized for web, there are a lot of them!)


Website Development

Website Development



If your website needs updating, you general have two options: hire an agency or do it yourself. An agency offers a full slate of designers, user-experience (UX) experts, coders, copywriters, and a project manager. Meanwhile, going DIY lets you build or update your site on the cheap. But if neither choice works for you—if the agency approach is beyond your budget and your staff is stretched too thin to do it yourself—Tere can help, especially if you're interested in a Squarespace site. Tere's a member of Squarespace Circle, a group of web designers that Squarespace invited to have early access to features, extra time to build a site before annual fees kick in, and a 20% discount on Squarespace's monthly or annual fees.

Tere's proven approach, which is always done hand in hand with your internal team, is straightforward:

  1. Analyze your target audiences and determine what you want your customers to feel, think, and do as they visit your site. For each audience, we'll create touchpoints for the behaviors you desire: sign up, donate, buy, volunteer, share and so on. Tere will spend 4 to 12 hours on this stage.
  2. Create a mood board to establish your style. We'll talk to each of your internal stakeholders to find out what they love about their favorite websites, and then pull the best elements to make your site both functional and beautiful. This easy, fun step takes from 3 to 10 hours for Tere.
  3. Design a content layout of your new site. A content layout looks a lot like a wireframe (the layout of your website), but instead of putting "blah, blah, blah" or blank rectangles where content will go, Tere's content layout includes actual content—a first draft of the copy, a sketch of each graphic, and a storyboard of each video. This stage requires 8 to 10 hours of Tere's time for a simple site; 20 to 50 hours for a more complex one. 
  4. Design graphics, create simple videos, and write copy. Tere both writes and designs your content, usually in 15 to 50 hours, including approvals. How can she do it so quickly? Because your content layout already has the first draft of your copy and graphics in it, so this phase is about perfecting your content rather than starting from scratch. 
  5. Test the site, make tweaks, get final approvals, and then launch. Depending on your site, this final step takes 10 to 40 hours of Tere's time.

Fees to build your website from start to finish will range from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the complexity of your site, and you'll be able to maintain in on your own through Squarespace's simple content-management system. If you're looking to create a microsite or redo just a portion of your site—or to create a simple, scrolling one-page site—it'll cost a small fraction of that, so don't let cost keep you from building a site. In the end, you'll have a responsive site that works beautifully on all devices, that balances attractive graphics and videos with clear and compelling words, that encourages sharing on social, that your staff loves, and that drives your audience(s) to action. Total time? Four to eight weeks, from start to finish. Talk to Tere about your web project.




Tere literally wrote the book on budgeting . . . three times. The Everything Budgeting Book, which she first wrote before the 2008 recession and revised two times since, has helped hundreds of thousands of people revolutionize their finances. She takes the same approach to consulting. Sure, she could charge ten times as much and focus on only one or two clients. Instead, she streamlines her services and is able to produce results in a fraction of the time that other consultants require. Her clients are up and running faster, and Tere gets to work with more organizations. It's a win-win for everyone.



Staff Training

Staff Training


Do you manage a small business or nonprofit? Oversee a professional organization? Own your own business? Tere's staff-development workshops may be just what the digital doctor ordered. Whether you're building a digital team, are bringing all your digital efforts in-house after working with agency, or want to activate your staff as digital ambassadors—or if you're looking for one-on-one professional development and mentoring for your content creators or social-media team—Tere has a plan to fit your needs and budget.

Tere's most-popular workshop—Social Media Simplified—takes only six hours of your staff's time. Your team will master channel-by-channel trends and tactics, so that they're ready to engage your customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Medium, Vine, YouTube, Periscope, Reddit, Snapchat, and more. How can they learn all that so quickly? Because Tere's middle name is efficiency.

Tere also offers courses that help your staff create campaigns, harness virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), devise an email strategy, audit the effectiveness of your website and update it to better reach your target audience, create engaging slideshows and videos, and even help your CEO manage Twitter or develop a TED Talk. Every participant receives beautiful materials (in both print and tablet formats) to help focus their attention, take notes, and review later. And Tere includes several hours of follow-up sessions via phone, FaceTime, or Skype, so that your team can continue to ask questions and explore ideas long after the training ends. Her budget-friendly fees range from $2,000 to $6,000+, depending on the workshop's length, complexity, and number of attendees. Check Tere's availability by sending her an email.


Contact Tere

Contact Tere


Wondering what you can achieve on your budget? Give Tere a shout.